Saturday, January 14, 2012

Will I ever be warm again

Took the walk outside again today it was 25 degrees when I started out. It took an hour and nineteen minutes to walk 5 miles. My fingers were frozen. Had to wait an hour to shower because my fingers weren't moving. I know we're have a "mild" winter so far but I really can't wait for spring. Love me some warm weather.

Decided to head to the Amish market, son's birthday is Monday and since he's not a big fan of cake I wanted to get an apple pie (his favorite). Checked out a couple of store while I was out but I just wasn't in the mood. I I was still cold and wanted to come home and get under the covers. Instead I finished the washing and folded laundry. Sent the husband out for pizza, I really don't want any I just don't feel like cooking. Think I go to bed early tonight, hopefully I'll sleep all night that hasn't been happening lately.

Oh yeah the Fitbit I order YESTERDAY came today. Amazon prime rocks! Now to set it up and not procrastinate like I normally do. LOL

steps for the day: 21,166

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