Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Woke up this morning with a slight headache and made up all kinda of excuses why I shouldn't walk, the wind is high, it's cold, my treadmill is broken, ect. Finally about 6:30 I got the hell out of bed. Did my 100 pushups and squats and put my clothes on for my walk. I bargained with myself that I wouldn't worry about pace just get to 3 miles. But once I got out there and felt the cold I walked as fast as I could so I could finish.

Got back home showered and drove like a bat of the hell to get to physical theraphy on time. Did 10 minute/.57 miles and 4 other exercises then got iced. Nya my therapist is leaving and I'll be see Karen now. Don't know much about her but I did get the name of a new orthopedic from Nya. I'll call next week for a 2 opinion. Nya think's the PF has been hurting too long. Plus I really don't like Dr Cohen. This new ortho specializes in foot & ankle injuries

After PT I went shopping and walked and walked my steps will definately be over 20,000 today. Got my 100 situps done and now challenge day 13 is in the books.

steps for the day: 20,938

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