Friday, January 6, 2012

Almost forgot

WOW is only day 6 and I almost forgot to post already. It's gonna be a long year. lol Walked 4.3 miles thru the neighborhood in about 62 minutes. The heel has been hurting all day, I'm getting so sick of this. I just want to run. It's been so long I probably have to start from the beginning like C25K. The calves have been bothering me this week (I think from spin) so I put on my compression sleeves. I seem to help. I also got my day 6 exercises done. 100 each pushups, situps and squats.

I have joined a new support group, I'm trying to deal with the 20 pounds I've packed on in the last 3 months. I'll get more into this later, right now it's bedtime. Hopefully the heel will allow me to walk again in the morning, we'll see.

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