Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting All my ducks in a roll

Tomorrow begins my NEW journey to get back on track. I've put on about 20 pounds since not being able to run/moving/the holiday. I don't know which one is the culprit but I need to get back in control. I've been not eating proper food and opting for junk food. So along with the walking I've added to my daily workout I've joined a group on FB called the #FitCrew Journey. I'm hoping that being a part of the group will keep me motivated and accountable.

I'll be journaling here daily, got my starting weight, pictures and measurements done. Got a pedometer, and will keep doing my daily walks. I have a paper journal for logging in my food and 80 oz of water. See I'm ready for SUCCESS!

I'll continue with my regular workouts and the Lets Get It Done challenge I'm doing (30 days - 100 pushups/situps/squats). This is going to be AWESOME! If I get nothing else from this I hope to make some new friends.

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