Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Beat Goes On

Been keeping up my workouts. Got the plan down now. Getting use to the arc trainer and trying to make the best of it. What really bothers me is the lack of miles that you get on the trainer. Less bang for you buck. If I run for a half hour I get around 3 miles, 45 minutes on the arc trainer and I barely get 2 miles. What a rip off, I want more mileage.

I waiting anxiously for my doctor's appointment on the 16th. I really hope he clears me to run again. Hopefully this time off hasn't hurt my endurance too much. I've also decided when cleared I going to sign up for races. I want to do a variety of distance up to a half marathon. Forget being scared. Forget people judging me. Forget that the other running are even there. I can do this, at my pace and for me. I want to run like I'm on borrowed time, like tomorrow's not promised and like I have something to prove (to me). So that's my plan. Run race and collect medals like the people that inspire me.

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