Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday week

Short week at work this week, only had to go in 3 days. I made sure I got my workouts in. On Tuesday since there is no longer a step class I got on the stationary bike for an hour. Won't be doing that again. My knee hurt so bad after. Trainer Larry now says he never told me to get on the bike, well he didn't but he didn't tell me not to either. So I guess the Arc Trainer will be my cardio machine, I hate the arc trainer. I'll shoot for 30 minutes a day.

Thanksgiving was good. I cooked with the help of the daughter some what. My mom, step dad and niece came over and I think they enjoyed the food. At least that's what they said. On the menu: roasted turkey; beef ribs; pork chops; greens; roasted potatoes and carrots; potato salad; stuffing; 2 cakes pie (brownie pumpkin pie/sweet potato pie/apple pie); and ice cream

Also had to do some vegetarian options for the daughter. Lots of leftovers so hopefully no cooking this weekend.

We had a special boxing class at the gym on Thanksgiving day and that 1 1/2 hours kicked my butt. We're still having Saturday's class, somebody's (me) gonna be sore tomorrow.

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