Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nothing to See Here

So I get up bright and early this morning, ready to kick some exercise butt. Get dressed and pull out the bike and head to the gym. Today I decide to do the right thing and wear my helmet, my reflected vest and I have new dual headlights for my bike. I head out on my usual route and am making pretty good time. Then about a half mile from my destination BAM. A car stopped at the intersection, I thought she saw me so I started across and didn't quite make it. She broadsided me and down on my butt I went. It all happened in slow motion, I kept saying hey, hey, hey. I was really shaken up but not hurt. The woman that was driving was really shaken up too. I kept saying I'm sorry, I guess I was in shock, what was I sorry for? After about 5 minutes the fire department, police and ambulance showed up. I didn't think I was hurt so I didn't go to the hospital. My bike is messed up but the husband thinks it can be repaired, we'll see. Going to call her insurance company to see what needs to be done. For now I'm going to take a nap. I should be okay since I hit my butt rather then my head. Maybe I can start this day over.

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