Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rest Day......Why!

Today is a rest day according to my new schedule, I was sooooo bored. Trainer Larry said I could take a leisurely bike ride but, since my bike was attacked by a car yesterday that's out. I just sat around looking kinda crazy, wishing I could do something active. I'm going to have to plan my rest day better.

About yesterday, I fine okay I guess. I do have a slight pull in my neck and in my right shoulder. I can't say it's from the accident or just normal wear and tear. I guess I'll call my doctor office tomorrow. That's a joke those people are not customer friendly. I will be attempting my 6 mile run in the morning. Maybe on the treadmill in case it doesn't go well. I also have a 30 minute boxing class and strength training tomorrow. Hopefully things will go as planned.

Tomorrow is also the day for the tri sign up. I'm doing the run part for a relay team because I can't swim. The tri takes place in June and Trainers Larry going to work with all the participant for four months before the event. I'm also doing my first 5K in December with some of the girls at the gym. Will have to see how that goes, maybe more races in the spring.

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