Thursday, November 11, 2010

So Over This.

Went to the doctor on Tuesday about the pulling in my shoulder and back. It hurt for me to turn in a certain way. I HATE going to my PC they always give you an appointment time and you end up waiting around for at least 2 hours before they see you. Anyway after a two hour wait the doctor told me the shoulder and back pain was probably just muscle strain and should clear up in a week. But she was really concerned about my left knee. It is swollen a bit and has a cracking sounds in it. I'm scheduled to get xrays of both and see a orthopedic specialist. The Big Bad news is NO running until I see the Ortho. What a joke, these people are saying they're booked up until 12/13. Uh, that a month, not going to happen. Call the PC tomorrow for couple of different orthos. Push come to shove I rest a week. No Longer.

I did run on Monday before the doctor's appointment and the knee felt okay but I did have more pain then usual. So I tried the elliptical to see if that was better. Doesn't hurt but I found it to be boring. I also did the strength training program 2 times this week, but had to baby my shoulder and knee. This is really putting me in a funk.

Fell asleep before that post was finished. Going to the work gym to meet up with my gym buddies and get my strength training in. Going to ride the bike for awhile and see if it hurts my knee. Trying to get a plan together I feel like I floating aimlessly, need to get it together. Still no update on the new dr appt. Hopefully this won't take forever. Well I'm off.

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