Saturday, November 13, 2010

Games Women Play

Went to my boxing class this morning. This class is truly a workout, 90 minutes working every part of your body. Today he concentrated a lot on the abs, OWIE. But you know what, I've been taking this class for about 2 months now and I still don't feel comfortable. It's not the workout I loves me a hard workout. I've been exercising for a good 9 years and knew I could handle the challenge of this class for the most part. It's the people in the class, mainly the women that cause this feeling.

The first day of class I felt understandably out of place. I didn't know anybody and they all seem to have their cliques. I could feel the eyes on me from the time I walked in the room, I was being sized up. For what? To see how fit I was? Whether I'd attract more attention? Or was this all in my mind.

Most of the people in the class have warmed up to me, I kind of still have a problem with students telling me how to punch (if the instructors says do this way that's what I'm doing). But one woman always tries to sock the mitt really hard or make a snide comment about my hand placement or something. Does this make her feel better? I thinks she's really mad I can take her punches. Sweetie I grew up in Southeast, fight or get whupped. She also looks at me like I stink, okay I do at the end of the workout but not the beginning. People I've talked to about this tell me to extend the olive branch, start a conversation with her. Hell she shot me down on that a couple of times and left me in the dust. I'm handle this my way, the way that's always worked for me. She is now off my radar, doesn't exist, INVISIBLE.

That subject is now closed. Now on with my weekend, I got some shopping to do. TTYL

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