Monday, November 22, 2010

Rough One

I started this day in a funk. Didn't sleep well last night, was up and down for most of the night. When I finally got up I just couldn't get is together. Seriously getting depressed about not be able to run. I'm not the best runner in the world and I like to say I don't like running. But as soon as I banned from runner it's like I've lost my identity. I cried this morning, then I whined and I was reminded that I am not alone and there are people that have my back.

Today's gym workout was great. Did the Transformation II strength training. It's still taking me 50 minutes to complete it. I Also took a 30 minute Boxing Class and rode the arc trainer for 30 minutes/2 miles. Still don't like the arc trainer that much but I guess it'll grow on me. I felt so much better after I did my workout. I'm thinking is not such a good idea to do nothing on my rest day. Maybe a easy bike ride or a long walk.

The step teacher is gone and no class has been set up to replace it. I'll either take the sports circuit class (not feeling the teacher) or spend some time on the stationary bike. We'll see how it goes. Okay last night is catching up with me and I need to get some sleep.

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