Friday, November 5, 2010

Decisions Have Been Made

For the third day in a row I did the Transformation II (strength training) program. OUCH! I won't advise anyone to do that. I only did because I missed doing the program on Monday and wanted to make up the time.

Sat down with Trainer Larry and went over my workout schedule. I'm down to 25 miles of running a week now and only on MWFS. Absolutely no running on days I have cardio classes. I'll also be doing strength training on run days MWF. Once I get the program down I should be able to get it done in 30 minutes. Will be continuing Yoga on Friday nights and my Saturday morning boxing class. WOW that sure looks like alot but, it is a little less hectic that what I was doing before.

Got some commitments I'm going to make for myself. First a group of us from the gym are planning on doing a 5K in December. I know I been running for about 2 years now but, I've never done a race and am very very nervous. But I need to come out of my shell and stop being a lone wolf runner. I just get so worried about other people's perception of how I run and whether I'm doing something wrong or going really slow. Oh well, this is the start of the new me. Watch and see what happens.

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