Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Monday

Visit to the Cardiologist was fine. See I was all stressed out for nothing. He's going to review the echo in depth and call me if there are any problem. But from the examine today he says he can't foresee any problems.

I did a 3 mile treadmill run this morning. OMG it felt so good. I could have gone on for another 3 miles but I'm sticking to the doctor's orders. I finished the run in 31:52/10:35 pace, I'll take it. My new mantra: Speed will come - Distance will come - be patience.


  1. and for me it is speed may never come and thats ok.

    glad YOU are ok as well.


  2. MizFit: I am okay, maybe not the same but okay and I'm okay with that. :-)

  3. Glad to hear it. I used to suffer from irregular rhythms, pounding heart and more. Once I was tested and it was fine, all my symptoms disappeared. I was stressing myself out! Take care :)
    Suzanne @WorkoutNirvana