Monday, December 13, 2010

Warrior Challenge #6

I survived. First of all I did a treadmill run this morning. I know I haven't seen the doctor about my knee yet but I just could not take it anymore. I kept the pace slowish running 3 miles in 34 minutes which is around a 11:35 pace. It felt good to run and I only had a couple of twinges while I ran, I just adjusted my stride and kept going.

At lunchtime I went to the gym to do Warrior challenge #6. Gym buddy and I decided that we'd do the challenge at 11:30, which since a class was being held in the aerobic room we had to do the workout in the equipment room. IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY! Trainer Larry had 20 program written and you just choose a number and that's your workout. I selected 25 kettlebell jump squats with a 26lb bell and 25 squat/thrust and jumps for 10 rounds.

I tried to go as far in the back of the equipment room as possible but with all the mirrors I was still in full view and they were all watching. I ignored the people around me and just did it. Man by round 6 i felt like I was going to throw up but I kept going. At one point this one guy came up to me and asked if I was being punished for something, because that's the only he could see someone doing those exercises for that long. By time I got to round 8 I had people around me cheering for me and counting down. This was awesome, I got my second wind and knew I could do this. On the last 10 squat/thrust&jumps we all counted out loud. And it was done.

Now I have to look forward to tomorrow. I have a make up challenge #1, my understanding from other is it's pretty tough too but not like #6. I'm so sore now. Sitting at my desk all afternoon did not help. I've tiger balmed my shoulder and I'm icing both knees. Tomorrow morning I spending time with my Arc Trainer.

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