Sunday, December 12, 2010

Up Again.

Oh surprise surprise, I'm up 8 pounds overnight. I know what this is, it happens every month, should have seen this coming I've been craving sweets for the last week. Just about getting sick of TOM causing me a weight gain every month. It's so frustrating to gain and loss the same 10 pounds over and over again. The stupid depression will set in next. I know I shouldn't get sad about this but I do.

I have a really tough workout week coming up. I've been told that the 6th card challenge is a killer and I'm up for that on Monday. I also have two make-up challenges to do and 3 more band levels. This on top of my regular classes at the gym and my strength training should keep me pretty busy.

Okay finished ranting about the weight. I will not be getting on the again to next week when the bloat should be gone. I also need to be mindful of my food intake and not give in to the cravings for sweets. I ready for this week.

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