Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Warrior Princess

I DID IT!!!!!

I completed the warrior challenge at the gym. We started with 27 people and only 4 completed it. Challenge #6 and #1 were the toughest. I made my mistake by missing 2 and making them up at the end, back-to-back. And I did my regular early morning cardio too. I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell.

The deadline for the challenge is next Monday and there is still 2 people trying to finish. I'm surely cheering them on, misery loves company.....I mean I really want them to join me in the winners circle.

So what does 24 days of warrior torture get me, A DAMN T-SHIRT. Trainer Larry says that it'll be special because only the elite members will have them. Whatever, is it solid gold. I deserve a whole track suit and matching sneakers for what I've been through. LOL

I am truly on cloud nine about this. I really pushed myself, even though I wanted to quit more than a few times. So pat myself on the back and move forward to the next set of challenges. I will be on a relay team for a triathlon in June. Going to do the run segment which is a 5K. I see a lot more races in my future, with clearance from the Dr. By the way the appointment for my knee is tomorrow hopefully he will tell me something good.

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