Monday, February 28, 2011

Ortho Update

Had an appointment with the Ortho today. First let me say I'm so glad I took the whole day off, I had a 9:45 appt and didn't see the doctor until 12:15. Something about that is not right. Anyway I told him about the pain I experienced on the bus trip. He says it might be a meniscus tear and now wants me to have a MRI, the physical therapist had been asking me all along why one wasn't done instead of xrays. I ask him this and he basically mumbled something I couldn't understand. I really don't have much confidence in this doctor. I will be seeking a second opinion on the MRI results.

In other news I ran 73.3 miles in the month of February, that's up from 57.4 the month before. I joined the GoTheDist challenge for the month of March and pledged to run 75 miles but I'm really shooting for 80. If I reach my monthly running goal I'm getting the Ugi Ball I've been eyeing for for awhile. Can't wait until I have my monthly mileage back in the 3 digits.

I still had this stupid cough and congestion in my chest but not as bad as it was this weekend. Gonna take some Nyquil and get ready to bed, tomorrow's a workday.

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