Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still Around

WOW!!! I haven't written here for a whole month. March wasn't a bad or drama filled month it just got away from me. I been keeping up with my workouts and building my running back up. I got a second opinion on my knee and was cleared to run outside again. I'm building my mileage up slowly, by setting goals with GoTheDistance monthly challenges. For the month of March I had a goal of 75 miles and actually ran 85, for April I've set a goal of 85 miles and hope to exceed that. I need to concentrate on building up my pace on outside runs. It still cold here and I'm having problems with my hand going numb and staying that way for hours after a run, even with gloves. So I'm a little timid about outside runs with temps under 50 degrees.

Oh the big thing is that the Tri training has started. The Tri will take place in June and we're also looking to run a 5K in May. Although I'm only doing the run portion of the Tri I'm doing the full training program. This can only be good for me. Trainer Larry is having a great time working us like we're some type of professional athletes. Last week's training included 19 miles of running, 3 spin classes and 3 strength training sessions, on top of these I had my 90 minute boxing class which I don't want to give up. By weeks end I was so sore and exhausted. I'm doing a lot of stretching and icing. I love it.

Now if I could just get my eating together. I'm still not eating enough, sadly I know it and can't figure out how to fix......yet. Also my new scale measures body fat and I'm getting a 31% reading, I don't know if this is correct so I'll be getting a body fat test at the gym. I would like to have a body fat % of 20. Need to do some research on what I need to do to get a lower reading. I'm also going to have a discussion with Trainer Larry, he always a wealth of information. Okay I be back sooner rather than later. *smile*

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