Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Siiiiiiiiiiick!

I'm so full of gunk. I think the change in weather last week did me in. One day it was in the 70s and the next back to the 30s, don't think the rode trip to PA mountains helped either. I hate being sick. I have enough of a problem dealing with the rest day when I'm well. But when I'm sick I feel like a slacker if I don't do what's on my schedule. I have got to learn to take it easy.

So yesterday I ran 4 miles and then did ab and lower body work. The run actually seem to help breakup the stuff in my chest, after a coughing fit a lot of the gunk came out. But as the day wore on I started feeling congested and fatigued. Came home and took some Nyquil and crashed.

Woke up this morning feeling just as bad, so glad it's my day off. Decided to get my long run in and did 6 miles and my ab work. Then went back to bed. Just going to stay home today and rest. I have boxing class in the morning and I'd hate to miss it, since I missed last week for my trip. We will see how I feel.

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