Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Ski Trip

Did something out of my comfort zone this weekend. I went on a ski trip with some girlfriends. We had a ball. I usually don't travel without the husband, I'm such a homebody. Work, clean, cook and workout that's my life. But I decided that I needed to let my hair down. And we did let our hair down. Don't get me wrong it wasn't like one of the Vegas commercials - good clean fun.

I have to say the hotel gym was basically non existent. They had one really small treadmill, broken. A elliptical that reminded me of the oritrek from the 90s (remember those I had one, rode that sucker everyday for 4 years). Oh and a recumbent bike that squeaked. I got some workout time in. Ran 6 miles on Friday and burned over 500 calories on the hotel elliptical. I did my 100 sit ups everyday too.

Came home yesterday and crashed. Woke up this morning ran 7 miles, did my sit ups and crashed. My throat is a little sore, I hope this is not the beginning of a cold.

I only have a couple of weeks before tri training start. I'm so excited and even though I'm only doing the run portion I plan on training like I'm doing the complete tri. March 8 is that start date, yes that's Fat Tuesday, I guess no partying for me. :-0

Okay you're caught up, hopefully it won't be so long between posts.

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