Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today's workout completely and utterly exhausted me. First there was the run this morning for FebGTD, another treadmill run BOO HISS. But it's 4.01 miles/37:44 min and better then no run at all. Remembering November/December.

Next was the lunchtime workout with gym buddies started out with a warrior challenge #4 10 each with 55lbs Dead lift/Squat/Bench Press. Next we took the 15 minute jump rope & abs class: Jump Rope & Sit-ups reps 50, 40, 30, 20, & 10. Last but not least the BIGGIE -- Warrior X: 3 rounds/25 reps each Squats w/45lb; Bench press 45lb; rows 45lb; Curls 30lb; Cleans 30lb; Crunches; Squat/Thrust & Jump; Jump rope.

I really wanted to cry in the locker room, heck I was already sore from Monday/Tuesday's workouts, I put on a good face though. All I want now is some sleep. Tomorrow Spin Class, it never ends.


  1. I think when spring arrives we should set the treadmills on fire. *sighs* I hate them too, but....I've learned this winter too look at it as the difference between getting my run done or not so I guess I can make it through. You work so hard.....come cry on my shoulder and I'll give you a hug.

  2. Haha Lori I couldn't agree more: Fire to the treadmills the necessary evil. And thanks for the shoulder to cry on & hugs.