Sunday, May 1, 2011


Where have I been. Vacation! The husband surprised me with a trip to Orlando for my birthday, he plans a trip every year and just gives me some pointers on what to pack. Well Orlando was sooooo much fun we stayed a week and I got to meet one of my awesome twitter friends (Hey Mo) for lunch which really took the trip up a notch. It was warm and sunny the whole time we were there, almost let Florida knew I was there and wanted to bring out it's best for me. You know for my birthday, it's all about me lol. After the trip I returned home to the staycation portion of my time-off. This is pure genius on my part a second week off. I am so relaxed and rejuvenated. Hopefully it'll last and I'll be able to keep the work related stress in check for awhile. :)

But don't think my workout suffered because of vacation. No I'm much to anal for that. I continued my running managing to get around 20 miles in a week. I did do way more miles on the treadmill than I like but all that is changing as of now. I have started running outside again and it's been hard. The knee has been aching again and all the pollen out there is effecting my breathing. My pace is much slower then I like and I really need to work on that. I've decided that now that it's warmer NO MORE TREADMILL. I have signed up for a 5k (my 1st) on May 14th. That gives me two weeks to get back into the run outside groove, even in the rain (which I hate).

Trainer Larry also cut me no slack while I was on vacation. He made sure I had every killer workout the rest of the tri team was doing. I can't even describe the looks I got from people in the hotel gym. They must have thought I was either some kind of fitness nut or insane. One guy asked if I was a personal trainer. I found that hilarious because at the time I was on my 200th burpees and having a tough time catching my breath.

Well back to work tomorrow. I'm going to start the day with a 3 mile run. My plan it to start running on the mall in the morning before work like I was doing last spring/summer. This will work out better than running at home in the dark, much safer. My new running schedule will be 5 miles S; 3 miles MWT & 6-8 miles F. We'll see how this work I can adjust it as needed. Tri training sessions are on M & Thurs and Spin Class on Tues/Thur. There is a class Mon night I don't know that might be a little too much, maybe sometimes. I have to check the gym schedule to see what else is being offer this month but, I do know that I'll be doing the Saturday boxing class and my ab workout 4 days a week. WOW this looks like a lot when it's written down. No wonder the husband thinks I have a problem. LMBO

Let me go I have to get my clothes and lunch ready for tomorrow. I'm trying something new, BEING PREPARED, now that's funny

Oh one last thing my son got me an ipad for my birthday, well he ordered it on my birthday (gotta love him). It'll be here about the 5th so I should be writing in here more because it'll be more convenient.

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