Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's Going On

I'm still around doing what I do. I have been running and slowing but surely feeling like my old self. *fingers crossed* I plan on, with blessing of my physical therapist, increase my mileage by one mile per run every couple of weeks as long as there no pain. Been running outside but did have to get on the treadmill today because of the snow. I feel like a wimp but recognize my limits. I am a Klutz and am not that surefooted on dry ground, so ice and snow are out. Therefore tomorrow's run will also be treadmill. I'm just glad I have that option.

Trainer Larry is putting together the training plan for the tri in June. He had us to a sample in the Power Pump class yesterday, my arms are still sore. I'm gonna have to really bring it to get through this training plan. The workout went like this: 5 rounds of 20 each squats/clean & press/rows/curls/tricep kickback all with 30 pounds weights. I was also "tricked" into joining another mini challenge (shaking my fist at Berta) until we're ready to start tri training in March. I'm gonna start saying no first to my gym buddies LOL. This new challenge reads like some type of torture but I'm committed to doing it. We shall see how this goes.

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