Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16th

Did a short run today 2.14 in 20 minutes. Oh how I struggled thru that 1st mile, kept telling myself that I wasn't feeling it and should just turn around and go back home. Maybe jump on the treadmill and finish this run. After the bad run on Friday were my legs felt like lead, I thought I had just lost my mojo for good. Maybe the treadmill which I don't really like either is all that I could do now. Then somewhere around the 2nd mile I was just moving not thinking about every step or breath. That was it, that was what I used to feel, like I was just moving not thinking. I could have run further but I'm trying to follow this plan from my physical therapist set up for me. One thing I need to remember is that I will have good runs and not so good runs, hopefully the majority will be the latter.

Before I forget I've gotten back in the swing of things at the gym. Back to 6 days a week of solid workouts and I feel good about it. Down 3.5 pounds of the 10 pounds I gained over the holidays. Go Me!

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  1. Go you indeed. I've never thought it was fair that some runs can feel effortless and some feel like it is the first darn mile ever run.