Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January is a Wrap!

Jan 2012 showed me that it's okay to slow down, just keep moving. I may not get there as fast but I'll get there. Looks like another month off running, at least I can walk.

Even without being able to run I managed to log in 109 miles. So glad I came across the announcement for the #fitcrew on twitter. The 10k step a day challenge got me into walking. I use to think walking was boring - why walk when you can run. Well I can't run now so in order to get the steps in I'm walking. This also is helping me to get my #GoTheDist miles in. This years goal is 1200 miles (300 per quarter). January's mileage was 109. AWESOME! Hopefully I can switch back to running soon but until then I'm Walkin.

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