Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1

Today is June 1 National Running Day and the start to a new Go The Distance challenge so you know how I started it, that's right with a short run around the neighborhood. It was pretty warm when I set out at 5:30am felt good during and managed a 2.2 mile/23 minutes. Was soaking wet when I got back to the house.

Did my lunchtime workouts for the day. As fate would have it Trainer Larry scheduled power pump (strength training) 2 days a week this month. This coincides nicely with my JustMoveJune challenge to lifts 50000lbs in the month of June. Got off to a good start in today's 30 minute class a total of 15650lbs lifted, have to increase my goal.
5 rounds of 10 each:
Bench press with 50lbs
Rows with 50lbs
Cleans with 50lbs
Wide grip bench press with 50lbs
Close grip bench press with 50lbs

3 rounds of 7 each:
Curls with 50lbs
Half curls with 50lbs
Curls with 50lbs

Next I took the 30 minute boxing class my heart rate monitor clocked 458 calories burned in half hour. We ended the class with 500 speed jumps using the light rope. I'm tired now.

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